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We can help you with

  • Improving well being and reducing stress
  • Treating depression and anxiety
  • Managing family relationships
  •  Eating disorders or addictions
  • Coping with change and loss
  • Understanding self and personality
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Understanding and managing dyslexia/dyspraxia and ADHD
  • Regulating emotions and managing anger

How we do it

 We aim to work with you to help you to understand and gain insight to difficulties. We aim to listen and provide a safe environment. We also teach you valuable tools to protect your emotional health.   This leads to higher levels of resilience to life’s challenges and improved confidence and motivation to get the best from life.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy methods are designed so that individuals can develop different thinking styles that then change how they habitually think about the world and how they respond to problems.  It helps you to shift out of negative states and low moods and towards thinking and behaving differently to enable to manage life's challenges. 

Positive Psychology comes from a study of what makes people happy and successful, in other words what is it that makes us as humans function best.  The results of these studies indicate that optimistic thinking styles improve our health and success.  The way we think about what has happened to us and how we build our explanations has everything to do with how we will respond in the future.  For example, what we give most attention to will impact upon our well being and health.  So learning how to appreciate and focus on what is going well for us and to in effect shift our perspective can help to alleviate distrss.

Mindfulness is a method by which we can switch off from the world and all of its challenges and learn how to relax and let go.  This enables us to sleep more deeply and allows our bodies to restore themselves and repair, thus improving our health and preventing illness. 

Transactional Analysis TA is useful for understanding relationships and behaviour and developing effective communication skills. It can be applied to understand interpersonal dynamics, unconscious motivations or simply to improve communication.   TA is helpful for knowing yourself and for understanding others and building more effective relationships.