Oriel Consulting

About us


We specialise in counselling, assessment and personal development services for educational and work purposes. 

We provide counselling and coaching services to develop well being and to manage different kinds of challenges and relationships. We help you develop emotional well being to effective communication and emotional intelligence, so you get to know yourself and manage your feelings as well as understand others. 

We provide psychological assessment services to help you to gain insight.  These include highly specialised assessments for Dyslexia and related conditions.  


Katherine Darcy Brown.

Katherine has over 15 years experience working with children and adults to provide one to one and group support for managing emotional health and well being. She is applies proven methods to give her clients a toolkit of resources to protect against stress and build confidence and resilience.  Katherine also specialises in assessment and support for Dyslexia and related conditions such as Dyspraxia and Attention Deficits.  She has frequently been called as an expert witness and has also delivered training and development to a national dyslexia charity. 

Katherine first worked with the Department of Pensions and work after qualifying as a psychologist and became interested in the impact of Dyslexia and also Stress upon work, learning, education and well being.  She set up Oriel Consulting in 2000 and since then has provided educational assessment and development and well being services to individuals, schools, universities and work organisations.  As well as being a Chartered Psychologist she is registered in both Occupational and Counselling Fields and develops Coaching solutions to help people to bring about positive change. 

Katherine works with clients to identify appropriate solutions and to understand and differences or difficulties occurring . She helps parents to understand children differences and to find ways to develop skills and build confidence.   

Katherine is a BPS Chartered and Health Care Professions Council registered Psychologist. The BPS -British psychological society is a professional body for psychologists. The HCPC is a regulatory body and professionals must be registered and follow the code of conduct and ethics.  Katherine is experienced in diagnostic assessment and also in therapeutic methods including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBT, Mindfulness , positive psychology and Integrative Therapy and Coaching.