Oriel Consulting
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About us


Oriel consulting was founded by Katherine D'Arcy Brown in 2001 and our aim is to provide professional psychology services to support people to understand themselves through assessment and coaching services. 


Katherine Darcy Brown.

Katherine is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Registered Counselling Psychologist. 

 Katherine specialises providing support for stress reduction and well being. She  has expertise in  the management of Dyslexia at work and over the years has developed a wide breath of knowledge.  She has frequently been called as an expert witness in relation to Dyslexia and workplace adjustments.

Katherine works with clients to identify appropriate solutions and to understand and differences or difficulties occurring . She helps parents to understand children differences and to find ways to develop skills and build confidence.   

Katherine is a BPS Chartered and Health Care Professions Council registered Psychologist. The BPS -British psychological society is a professional body for psychologists. The HCPC is a regulatory body and professionals must be registered and follow the code of conduct and ethics. 

Our clients include