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Dyslexia at work

Information for Employers and Employees

Dyslexia impacts upon development of reading and spelling and also upon written expression and accuracy. Some individuals with dyslexia may experience difficulties with general organisation and planning or time management.  Dyslexia may also impact upon the way people process information in the short term. 


Dyslexia is not related to general intelligence and it is not the same for every one.  It can be mild or severe and there are great differences between people depending upon the support they have received and the strategies they are applying. 

Understanding dyslexia in the workplace

It is important that people with dyslexia are assessed and able to make adjustments to improve performance.  Ideally managers will understand the nature of the difficulties and this can ensure that the individual doesn’t become anxious or stressed with facing challenges in a new role.  Making an organisation dyslexia friendly can reduce stress, staff turn over and sick leave.  Adjustments will ensure that the individual is able to work more efficiently.  Dyslexia will sometimes prevent staff from progressing in terms of completing training or seeking promotion.

Organisations need to be able to demonstrate that they have made “reasonable adjustments” to meet the requirements of disability regulation. 

 Our diagnostic assessments and work place consultations are designed to confirm and identify the nature of the difficulties in terms of the individual patterns of dyslexia and also toensure that you receive appropriate support and advise on how to make reasonable adjustments and to develop the individuals performance at work.

A diagnostic assessment takes approximately two hours and will entail identifying cognitive strengths and any specific weaknesses as well as evaluating current levels in reading and


Workplace Consultancy

We offer workplace consultancy and coaching to help the employee and their manger identify appropriate changes to ensure work performance is enhanced.  A profile of an individuals personal strengths and any dyslexic difficulties will identify why some aspects of the job role may be proving difficulty.  We will discuss with you appropriate adjustments or development options.  

This service is offered by a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, who will take into consideration what is reasonable in the context of a specific job role and organisational. Often the process of the employee understanding the nature of their difficulties is sufficient to enable them to know how to manage performance.  In some cases further specialist training or coaching may be needed or in some cases changes to the Job design may be needed.  We will take time to talk to your manager and the employee and help then to arrive at an agreed way forward.